LATEST UPDATE 15/04/05.... The site will no longer be updated. Unfortunately i have done the one thing i thought i never would,,, get a car. Ill leave the website as it is and leave it active for as long as possible... so anyone out there who wants to nick and re-host the de-restriction guide, feel free to do so. In the future i may come back to the site, but it's pretty unlikely as this was created in more or less one night of obsession, and to be honest it's a bitch to update (especially the way i coded it. Anyways thats it for now, ride, drive, fly and whatever else you do..... safe :-) - Craig



Okay, as any of the people out there who visit this site often (anyone?, lol) will know, I havent really been arsed to update the website allot, read bellow to find out just how lazy I am :P

Anyways, in the next couple of weeks (possibly longer), I am going to be hosting this site (and possibly others) on my own server. At the moment I am just figuring out what how to use bloody server 2003 (if anyone out there hosts their own sites, any help/info is serioustly appreciated). Once I get the site on my own server this site should be able to get ALLOT bigger and better, mainly because I will have limitless storage, bandwidth and ease of editing the damn thing, so hopefully I can even host some decent scooter vids, mp3's, rom's..... anything really.
While I figure out just how exactly to host my own website (and all the good things that go with it, such as being able to host music :-D), this site may be tweaked to make it look a bit better, and I will try to add some new content (such as recent upgrades to my underseat stereo, and the prospect of a 25mm carb kit from taffspeed).

So, if you bothered to read through all the crap above, thanks :-)....... I'm just happy that someone out there views this site other than me (i may be sad, but I didn't visit my own site 600+ times :P). Thats all for now, but as I said anyone who likes scooters feel free to MSN me (address at the bottom of the page), and if there is anyone out there who hosts their own sites, and can give me some help setting this thing up, it would be very helpful :-) (again, msn/email me if you can help).
One final thing, you may have noticed more adverts on the left, and bottom of the page (by google), these are just there so I can TRY and get some cash together for imporrtant things..... like getting mains power from my scooter & solving world hunger, so just give the adds a click, then just close the window that comes up :-) , then that's another 1-2p towards the crazy modding fund ;-)
Thats all for now.

Craig - 14/01/2005 @ 23:26










Good news!

I have finally got around to updating the site, well updating this part anyway. In the last few weeks I have had many things happen to my scooter, heres a short list
* Two 6" orange 'neons' fitted underneath scooter
* Custom built underseat stereo, comprising of
- Custom wooden panel for sound quality
- Sony X-plod headunit, 4 x 50watts RMS
- 2 x 10cm Sony X-plod three way speakers, 120watts peak (25 rms)
* New rear wheel bearing fitted at a cost of 100 quid
* Latest: Bearingy/loose screw sound coming from the flywheel area, gotta try and sort it myself otherwise im skint for Xmas, typical

Thats more or less the things with my scooter, below should be some pics of the stereo fitted :-), note to potential thiefs... the stereo isnt always kept under the seat as the whole panel comes out nicely... and when it is, you'l have a nice oxford chain lock to deal with before you even get the seat open, so I suggest you just pinch the sub-woofers from the unlocked Nova / Corsa parked somewhere close by.

Picture one

Picture one




Yet another update:

Unfortunately i havent had the time or will to update the site over half term. Surfice to say unless i suddenly win the lotto and dont have to study or work anymore, the site will not be updated that often / anymore. I have started to modify my runner 180 which may give me a reason to update the site, i.e. post pictures, reviews and the like. Even if i cannot be arsed to update the site anymore, i will try to keep it online for as long as i can so that people can access the de-restriction guides and anything else of interest. Anyways the site had an O-k run with a good few hundred visitors, so until the site gets updated or removed, Bye... if anyone wants to contact me about maybe contributing some content or taking the site over, feel free to email me (details at bottom of page).

Craig - 04/11/2004 @ 09:37


UPDATE, i recently sold my old scooter as i have passed my full motorcycle test (Vespa T5), and now own a Gilera runner 180. I havent really had the time to update the site due to commitments with work, school and shear lazy ness, but i promise that when half term comes i will give the site a revamp, make it easier to use etc, etc,... all i can say now is that i highly reccomend you take a look at "Information" and then the de-restriction guide as i spent bloody ages on it, anyways thats all for know i should update when half term comes. - Craig 29/09/2004 @ 13:42 -

Welcome to my site, this was originally designed for use on my school network as part of my A2 course but i decided it needs to go online for all to view, the site may have a few bugs at the moment but these will be sorted in the next few days...

Ok, so I guese you probably want to know a bit about me,well then here you go:

My name is Craig Alexander Hutin aka "Laptop boy", im sure you can imagin why I was called that.

Hobbies/interests: I am very interested in computing, mainly the networking, maintenance and repair sector of it, I guese you could say im aiming to be the next Matthew arnold (Bryntegs techie).

My other main interests are scooters, since I was only around 9 years old I have been obsessed with them and have owned 5 different ones since I turned 16. I actually passed my cbt the same day I turned 16, so I was on the road as soon I was legaly able to :D.

I have many other interests / hobbies, but my other main one would have to be music and ICE (in car/scooter entertainment), I am obsessed with Dance/Trance music, I also enjoy classic rock like AC/DC and Hip-hop such as Eminem and 50Cent.

Studying: Computing, Electronics & History at A2 level. I was originaly doing a fourth (physics) but got very tired of it, especially when I realised I should have taken engineering instead of it.

Contacts: Now I realise that by the time anyone bothers to read this these contact details will probably be dead, but hey ill give you them anyway:

Well, that's about all I can think of to say about myself, but PLEASE check out my links as they have things a lot more interesting than this frontpage on them. Thanks for looking and um, bye!